What Does .fi Mean At The End Of An E-mail Address?


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.fi at the end of an e-mail address indicates that the e-mail address is located in Finland, since the last two letters of an e-mail address (other than ones such as .com, .net or org) relate to the country. This is why co.uk, for example, is an extremely common end to an e-mail address within the UK.

It is not always immediately apparent which country is the country of origin. For example, .de indicates that the e-mail address holder is based in Germany. The 'de' derives from Deutschland, which is the German word. Denmark, which may seem the obvious country for 'de' actually uses .dk.

Large, particularly multi-national companies tend to use .com at the end of their e-mail/web addresses and this address obviously does not indicate the country in which the business is located. Charitable/not for profit organisations sometimes use .org or .net at the end of their e-mail address. This may be followed by the country of its location, or can simply end with org.

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