How to get rank high in google search engine?


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Yeah of course you have to go for both on page and off page SEO.If you know SEO then choose guest blogging,blog commenting, article submission,press release and video submission techniques for link building.If you are not familiar with SEO then use your keyword in title.Use different title for different page and please refresh your contents by updating them regularly and if possible hire any good SEO.
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First of all you need to  do On page  of each page properly by following Google algorithm guidance. After completing this then you need to  do

1.  Content Marketing

2.  Social Media Optimization ( Google Plus,  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)

3.  Share press release

4. Update your website's Blog on  twice a day.

5. Google Local Listing or Google Places for cover Local market.

These are most Important factors,  You will definitely get  high rank on all search engine by following above activities.

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I have done social bookmarking, directory submission, web 2.0 submission, guest post on PR 2+ sites, image submissions and document submission also since last 3 months. Now my client's website DA and alexa rank are increased.

If anybody will do like above in particular manner and regular basis then sure you will get good results.

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Anthony Barnes , Conent Writer at Promoting Team, answered

SEO is about solving problems. Whether those problems are answering basic questions, providing services, or curing boredom; your webpage needs to be the answer to someone's query. How relevant and helpful your page is to solve the query, in a small nutshell, will determine how it’s ranked.

So be helpful. Be relevant. Not just to the humans, but help even those incredible machines over at Google need help too. So do some of the following:

Make unique content

Be original with your content. Posts like this and inbound marketing, in
general, contain much of the same answers everywhere you look. Why
should I share, read, or click on your content versus the 1,000,000
other results given in the search engine? Be different and engage your
audience in new ways.

Get backlinks

Larry Page came up with the idea for PageRank when he was at Stanford. He found that when people referenced certain peer-reviewed articles and documents for research papers, this acted as a kind of vote for that article.

In a nutshell, this is how backlinks were first counted in PageRank; the more votes you had the better your page ranked. The algorithm is much more sophisticated now and has a multitude of different ranking factors, but the core idea still remains: Get backlinks from respected and authoritative websites and you’re ranking will increase.

Target long-tail and short-tail

Ranking well for short tail will bring you a lot of traffic. Ranking well for
long-tail may bring you a lot of traffic depending on the search volume;
however, long-tail will bring more targeted traffic and result in more
conversions and less bounce-rate if your site offers them value.

Short-tail means more competition, but if you can muscle your way up the SERPs it will be great for brand awareness. If you can also rank as a Featured Snippet it can mean a bump in traffic and higher CTR in some cases.

Update your content

If you post content and notice that it’s not ranking well after a while,
then update it. Keep an eye on your competitors and let that be a
barometer of where you want to be in the SERPs and try to find things they may have missed you can add to your content to outrank them.

Run optimization checks and get feedback from users about your content to see how you can improve it.

Don’t ignore social media

While engines like Google don’t adhere to social signals as ranking factors, they can still help things like your bounce and click-through-rates to the signal that people do find value on your website.

Furthermore, the more exposure your content has, the more it can be viewed by others and possibly used in their own content.

Give high importance to Facebook Twitter and Google plus. If your content gets engaged in these sites easily, then your ranking will increase quickly and thus your website will get exposure.

For social media services regarding these sites visit SMM Boost Service.

Be patient

SEO is one of those things that takes a lot of time and energy. You ’re going to screw something up eventually, but don’t despair. Keep working hard and it will pay off eventually. Use white-hat techniques only. Black-hat may provide you with some short-term value, but the outlook long-term isn’t good as Google will catch you. They almost always catch you.

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To your site, with a variety of optimization SEO optimization approach to science. Such as blog comments, article submission, blog training, these can bring to your web site outside the chain, rankings for your keywords is helpful.
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You have to perform Seo for your website. Choose relevant keywords for your website and good quality content.Then do off page optimization its main techniques are social bookmarking, directory submission, forums,article submission, bog posting,classified submission and press release submission.Do update you content regularly and choose relevant title.
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Mary Rogers answered
There are two simple steps at getting a good ranking:1. Having high quality content on the pages that people want and value
2. Getting other sites to link to that content.

If you don't get those two done you will not get a good ranking (not exactly rocket science but easier said than done).

Have a read of my Google Sites SEO Guide - Reference [1] - as it may help the finer points, but still you need to have good content on the page.
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It really looks that SEO is changing now and the most import thing is to create valuable content on your site. Plus implement some simple SEO tips. That's about it.
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Search engine optimizations and web site promotions are
the keys for getting top 10 rankings on the best search engines.
You have
to perform SEO for your website. Choose relavant keywords for your
website and good quality content.Then do off page optimization its main
techniques are social bookmarking, directory submission, forums,article
submission, bog posting.
Do update you content regularly and choose relevant title.
This program helps us to predict what keywords people will use
on search engines. 

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The only way to get high ranking is search engines is the proper seo. After panda and penguin updates, seo is really tough and lacks in this could hurt a site instead of ranking. The seo process is divided into two parts. One is on page seo and another is off page seo. On page seo is the work that will be done inside website content. Off page seo is the process that is done outside of a website. So, we should learn them to get top ranking on search engines.

Here are some of the things you should learn about seo:

1. How to Do Search Engine Optimization

2. How to Write SEO Blog Posts

3. How to Select and Use Keywords

4. What is the Best Keyword Density for SEO

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To get rank high in google search engine you may need proper SEO for your website. If you higher the expert SEO specialist to promote your site and get ranking and visitors then you should getting high ran in google. In SEO you need both on page and off page optimization.

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Charles Bosse ,, answered

Rankings usually depend on a SEO campaign strategy. So the best way to obtain high ranking is to have a very effective SEO strategy that suits your business websites. If you are looking for the best and trustworthy SEO company that will provide high quality service, I highly recommend services from our website so visit us now.

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One of the easiest and basic methods to rank high in Google search engine is by publishing relevant contents on your website. The quality content will increase the traffic to your site and thereby enhance the relevance and authenticity of your site.

On page and off page optimization of your page is also an important factor helping your site to rank in Google search. Getting good quality backlinks helps your site get good ranking. There are many off page techniques such as social bookmarking, directory listing, image sharing, social media optimization etc which will definitely help you get high-quality backlinks.

Check out services from best seo company in cochin , to get help in doing on page and off page seo works.

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It requires a good knowledge of SEO and SMM(social media marketing), these are the only two methods that get you high ranking in the search engines like Google and Bing. You can hire some SEO Experts , if you don't know how to do SEO and SMM for your website.
The other simple method is to have some really good and genuine content which is helpful to the user, and it must be updated frequently.
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Optimizing your site for on page and off page seo to get high rank in search engines. Focus on the informative and keyword rich content on the site. Make quality backlinks for your site by article submission, blog commenting,Press releases, directory submission, exchanging links with relevant sites.
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Hire Yodle (if its for business purposes). Otherwise read up on SEO (search engine optimization). 

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