How Do I Sign Up For Airg?


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AirG is an extremely popular messenger service available on mobile phones. It allows users to enter a huge amount of chat rooms where they can meet like minded people, relax, have fun and chat about topics that interest them. You can sign up for AirG through your cell phone network or online. Visit the website,, and click 'login' in the right hand corner of the screen. If you are not already a member you can then select 'New users Click Here', which is written in blue writing about the login box. You will be asked to chose a username and follow the instructions to sign in.

AirG was primarily designed for mobile phones but many people find that no matter how advanced their phone is, it is still slow and clumsy in comparison to a computer. Computers tend to have faster internet connections and are easier to use, particularly when users wish to type quickly and receive a multitude of messages. The small screen on a cell phone is often too small and awkward.

To use AirG on your computer, follow these simple instructions:
  • You must first of all download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox web browser. This download is free and only takes a few minutes. It is always best to have the latest version of a web browser and it ensures you are getting the most out of your web browsing experience.
  • Download the Firefox add-on XTML Mobile Profile 0.5.3 so ensure you computer can read your messages in the correct format.
  • Download this additional add-on . This allows you to view your mobile browser on your computer.
  • Reload Firefox and select 'Prefs' on the settings bar at the top of the browser. Select 'Spoof' followed by 'KeepOut', enter the web address and the browser should appear as it does on your phone.
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