How Do I Hide Things On My Tagged Profile?


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Log in to your Facebook account. Select 'Account' - 'Privacy Settings' - 'Customize' - click 'Edit Settings', which is located next to 'Photos and Videos you're tagged in'.

Click 'edit' and select 'only me'. This way, you are the only person who can see the photos you are tagged in.

A 'tagged profile' refers to a profile on Facebook. Facebook is a massive online social phenomenon where millions of people across the globe can gather and socialize and share their lives.

A massive part of sharing on Facebook is through photos. We live in a world now where the majority of people will always have a camera at hand which will either be a digital camera or the camera on their mobile phone. This means that more and more photos are being taken and then uploaded to the internet where they can be shared and enjoyed with everyone. When someone posts a photo to Facebook, they will usually 'tag' the photo, which means anyone in the photo will be 'tagged'.

This ensures that they receive a notification that they are in a photo on Facebook and it appears on their profile page so that all of their friends can see it.

Tagging is a great way of sharing photos but it can mean that you may be tagged in photos that you would not want other people to see. Luckily, you can change your privacy settings on Facebook so that not everyone can see the photos you are tagged in. In fact, you can change it so other people can see as much or as little of your Facebook profile as you wish.

You can even change it so that certain people can see some aspects and other people cannot. You can block a certain person or group of people from being able to see any of your activities on Facebook. Many people may do this with work colleagues who they would not want to see photos from nights out or parties.

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