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It is possible to hide four types of content within the Profile page of These content items are tags, gifts, groups and friends. Not only is it possible to hide them, it is also possible to control how many items will appear, if any, in any one of these boxes. To either change the display amount for these boxes or hide a box altogether, it is necessary to follow the steps shown below.

  • Getting Started
To start with, clicking on the Profile link on the navigation bar is required.

  • Locating the Box to be Changed
By scrolling down, the module or box for which the view count is to be altered, or which is to be hidden, can be located. In this case, that would be the Friends module, or box.

  • Drop Down Menu
At the right-hand side of the module's sub-header is a drop-down menu box.

  • Select Option
Clicking on the drop down menu box will reveal a drop-down list displaying six different options: Hide Box and Display five, 10, 15, 20 or 25. It is now possible to select either Hide Box, or the appropriate number to be displayed. In this case, the choice would of course be hide box.

  • All Done
That is it. All friends should now be safely hidden away. If hiding that box has left an unsightly mess on the profile page, it is possible to re-arrange the boxes by clicking on the Profile link again, scrolling down, then pointing the cursor at the sub-header of the box to be moved. A left-click on the mouse and holding the button down should make the cursor pointer turn into a four-way arrow. Dragging the box to where it is going will soon have that profile tidy again.
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You need to go to your profile, in the upper right hand corner of the friends box there is an option!

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