What Is The Negative Impact The Internet Has On People?


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Another negative impact has been the way in which some people have used the internet as an imaginary 'world' and an escape from reality.
Many people are  now using the internet as a way of shopping and as such this has lead to lack of contact with other people and a closure of many local and high street shops. This in turn has had a terrible economic and social effect on many communities.
We need to be aware of the pitfalls of using the internet too much and it's implications for economic and social life.
People who use the internet and work from home can become very isloated and loose contact with other people they would meet in a normal working environment.
The internet can be used by unscrupulous people to spread cruel and immoral images and information and it's difficult to act against them at present.
Use with care the internet has a lot going for it but it needs much tighter controls than are in force at present.
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Some people are addicted of internet. So in this case they will face a lot of  healthy issue such as back pain, eyes problem,etc. In addition, they will have psychology problems like isolated or being alone.
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In my experience, the internet has been a great tool overall, but there are significant downfalls. I think the internet has perpetuated our culture's tendency to seek instant gratification. For example, if you are lonely and want a friend or significant other, you can hop on the computer and be connected to someone instantly. But unlike meeting people out in the community, the internet is full of people who lie and exaggerate to make themselves feel better or to make you think whatever they want you to think, which often leads to disappointment and potentially dangerous situations.
 It's also not uncommon for people to become addicted to the internet. Some people are spending their entire lives in front of their monitors. Some have entire separate fantasy worlds inside their PCs. If these people have families or loved ones they should be spending quality time with, their spending excessive amounts of time surfing the web puts a huge strain on those relationships.
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Two words FaceBook!

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Some criminals make use of the internet for
spreading computer viruses or even catching credit card or bank details for
spurious purposes and unlawful or inappropriate materials can also be
found in the internet.

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People if not using this for information and knowledge may get lost in wasting lots of time in games and chats ..  
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Some of the negative aspects of the Internet, which have impacted people around the globe are many and varied. First I would say the Internet is the source of instant, inexhaustible information. Good, bad, correct and incorrect information with the potential to build lives and destroy lives. Positive and negative impact lies in the heart and mind of the user.
1. It is a source for false propaganda far and against countries and groups within the world community
2. One-sided information is rampant on many/varied topics
3. Attacks on individuals, groups, political systems, faith, etc.
4. It presents western cultures and language as dominant over all others
5. It creates a false atmosphere of security and a sense of control over others
6. It provides a vehicle for corruption of hearts and minds; changes/influences moral/ethical behaviors of some adults and youth and
It is also positive!
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Although there are many wonderful things abot this lovely tool called the internet, there are also many negatives things about the internet.  A lot of children who surf the web are exposed to things they should not be exposed to. Also, a lot of people get random addictions from lack of internet. Many kids who think it is "cool" to go online and lie about there age to way older people AND actually go out of the way to meet them. People now socialize through the internet so thats te excuse as to why they don't have to go visit. There are so many good AND bad things about the wondeful wicked internet.
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