What Is The Positive And Negative Impact Of Computers On Youth?


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Computer has changed the Lifestyle of today's Youth. Now, Youth has evolved entertainment style. They have Internet chats, Online Communities, Online Movies, Online Channels and Advance Games to spend time on. Not only this, with Laptops now we can enjoy computers' functions even when there is no electricity.
Unlike our ancestors, Our Youth has Internet to be used with computers with which they can search any required information and can gain access to newest available research papers,
Now, we can shop online, something still unimaginable in under developed countries.
Today because of computers, we have many new faculties in education and thus Jobs.
Thus computers have evolved Youth's Lifestyle, the way they seek knowledge and spend their leisure time.
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As long as computer use is monitored, and the appropriate blocks are in place, I think computers are amazing for today's youth.  They are fast, usually pretty user-friend, and easy to navigate, with a little help from a person who know how to use one.  Computers place the world at the child's fingertips, and can be marvelous teachers, aides, resources.  I wish they had been more accessible (affordable) when my offspring were growing up.

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