What is the positive and negative impact from facebook?


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There are many positive and negatives point to using Facebook, depending on a number of variables. Facebook is used by thousands of people all over the world, allowing you to keep in touch with all your friends and family, including people that you don't get to see often because they live overseas or too far away. Here are some positives and negatives of using Facebook:

  • Positives of using Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites available as it is used by people all over the world, to the extent that practically everyone that you know will have a profile on there. It has many different functions which allow you to leave private inbox messages to your friends, post on their walls or post statuses, images and links on your own profile for other people to see and interact with.

Facebook can be great to bust a bit of boredom and give you a quick way of communicating with your friends. Instead of having to ring round and ask each friend individually if they are free for an event or a get together, you can instead use the group chat functions on Facebook to talk to all of your friends in one box.

  • Negatives of using Facebook

If you are using Facebook around the time that you have exams, you may find that you get incredibly distracted from your studies when you really need to be concentrating, because of Facebook. It is really easy to just sit at your computer and mindlessly press refresh over actually revising for something and really having to think about it.

Facebook can lead you to give out far too much personal information about yourself, meaning that strangers can find out your personal details without having to even talk to you. This can be bad if you are a young person using the website, as cyber bullies or pedophiles may be able to get in touch with you and manipulate you.
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The positive of facebook are : We can chat and know what our family and friends talked about and some news from our family too, so the important thing is a place where we can meet and chat with our family and see the photos that they put there for sharing as well.

I don't go there every day, as sometimes, I think it's a waste of time to be there every day, I only go there when I need to chat or meet my family or friends, if they have somethings important to talk to me etc. It's a big social site, so there are several kind of people, and we don't know they are good or bad, it's better, we have to take care of ourselves in order to avoid having any problem there.

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