What Is The Impact Of Tv On Youth?


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Tv is wilder and so are the youth of today
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Television has been a major issue for parents, and any kind of guardians, in the past few years. I think that Television has had a large impact on society. It has been said that TV has taken control of a great percentage of our youth. You can say it has affected the way we talk, dress, behave and even eat. TV is teaching our generation what attitude to take in certain situations, without explaining if it’s good or bad.
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Basically the impact is very negative these days, more than positive.
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Basically, in my opinion, it is an electronic you don't have to pay. I think it mesmerizes children, and since most shows are 30 minutes to an hour long, and commercials are one minute from start to finish (not all, but most), the television teaches children to expect instant gratification.  Think about it:  A 1 minute commercial presents a problem and then solves it in one minute or less.  That teaches a child to expect an instant solution to any problem they may have.  It doesn't teach them to take the time to sit down and think the problem out  and come up with his/her own solution.  A 30 minute sitcom (which is what most kids watch) says the same thing.  A problem or an issue of some sort solved in 30 minutes.  Instant gratification crated the "me" generation we are now living with.

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