Negative And Positive Effects Of Using Computers?


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It helps you in many ways. It helps in searching information. It shows the advancement of technology.
Spoils and strains eyes. Too much of computer may cause increase power in eye sight. It sometimes may cause drowsiness.
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Negative- not eco friendly, addictive, not reliable as turns obsolete from time to time, training required, make you dependent
Positive- Saves- time, paper, physical space, effective for analysis,
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I think computers are great, and they literally put the "world" at our fingertips.  I think they are extremely helpful to children, but I think if a computer is used by a child, that pc should have parental lock control, and it should be in a family room where everyone can see what is being looked at.  I find them to be somewhat addictive, and there have been times, when I've gotten up in the morning, gone straight to the computer to answer e-mail or whatever, and next thing I know, it's noon.  I think the internet is super, for information, but can also be harmful.  Unfortunately, there are too many porn sites out there, and if you go exploring, most times what you get for your work is a virus.
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Positive Effects: Computer may help you find information about the things that you don't know. They can even help you on your homeworks and studies.Negative Effects: Some people use computer in a bad way. They use it for playing games and chatting with friends for a very long time. Some people use it for watching nonsense videos instead of news___jun___12 years old___philippines

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