What Are The Effects Of Computers On Our Social Life?


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Technology has a great influence on our memory. Memory is the act of someone retaining or recalling a past experience. I totally believe that technology plays an influential role in our ability to memorize certain events or items; however technology also helps people to successfully transfer the items from their short term memory to their long term memory. So Technology affects humans only according to how they use it.
  Dependence on modern communication tools can result in weak memory, because People who use tools such as computers or mobile phones to store information on them, would likely find it difficult to remember many things, such as dates and numbers; While technology could bring about desirable effects, it could also have catastrophic consequences if not used properly. Lots of people now use their computers to store information instead of writing them down on paper or storing  them in their brains, so computers somewhat make people completely discard their brains and use other sources of information such as Google.

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