What Are The Effects Of Using Computers By The Teenagers?


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Computer is one of the most readily used technologies nowadays and in developed places almost every house has at least one computer and it is a must in an office or universities. Excessive use of computer has various drawbacks:
  • It worsens a teenagers cognitive and academic skills;
  • The social skills of teenagers are also effected. Computer has changed the way teenagers interact and develop;
  • playing violent computer games can increase aggressive behavior in teenagers especially the young ones who are of age 13 or 14;
  • Siting on the computer 24/7 can cause a teenager to gain weight and at times even become obese;
  • It can result in severe backaches and worse still also result in eyesight problems
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Katie, I'm afraid most of your answer is false. First off, violent computer games don't encourage violence, but rather, prevent it by allowing teens to have a place to vent their anger. Sitting on in a chair does not cause weight gain, but rather the heavy snacking that occurs among already overweight teens. It does not change the teen's social skills unless they do NOTHING but spend time on the computer. If they spend around 6-8 hours a day, while the rest of the time interacting with friends/family, then they will develop normally. Although eyesight problems may develop after long periods of time (maybe looking at a screen for 24+ hours straight) and academic ability may worsen if 4-5 hours during a school night are spent on the computer, there are no other long term drawbacks to computer usage.

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