What are the uses of the internet?


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For me it's all about communication, information, education, recreation ... But not necessarily in that order.

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Internet can be used for anything you can think of. I have seen so many cases that people treat the net by being net trolls & follow pornography. But that's not what is all net is about. Net can be a place that you can have so many real friends as well as outside it. I experienced it & am experiencing it. For a closer look,Just look out so many Ask. Members who coming over this site together. It's not by accident. People having each other's back & making each other to be here to stay in touch & use each other's ideas & existence like they used to.because they care, even if they never met in person.

It's so wide & my mind loses focus to name so many things that you can do with net. So I would name different things that i faced in different times to do. I love net so much, It made me have my childhood games that today can't be found anywhere. When I lost my alarm clock, I used an online alarm. I order the books I want by net. I can find so much valid knowledge in different categories by net.

Years ago when I was starting to play drums, I found an online drumming lessons. To have different lessons to boost myself better along with other practices I do. I watch movies online. The net makes me not lose contact with people when we travel somewhere. I use Google translate to practice different languages. It's unfocused but it's something.  When I'm somewhere that I can't watch my favorite soccer team playing. I go to Twitter, in the team's official account & follow the game's instructions there. I can be anywhere & yet be updated in the middle of the game. I've so many good yoga videos, that makes me able to do it anytime I want to at home not just in with classes. & so many many things etc . . .

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Due to the advancement of technology, it has taken over our lives. Internet has a lot of uses whether it is for personal use or for business purposes. It is the reason why long distance relationships are easier now and doing business overseas is possible.

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The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite to link several billion devices worldwide.

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