What Are The Disadvantages Of Using The Internet, To Find Information About People For My Business?


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Internet is all the way a beneficial service but some people are using it for evil purposes. Some disadvantages of using internet are:

Theft of Personal information
: Your personal information, Credit Card Details etc

Sending unwanted emails in numbers without your consent.

Virus threat: Your system is prone to virus attacks. You can save yourself by installing a good anti virus program.

Pornography:This is the biggest threat to our children and adults as it disrupts their healthy mental life.
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Just be careful, there are so many scams on the is getting to where you can't believe half you hear or see on these pc's....I know, I work at home here from a job that was on the pc, 4 months now and not 1 dime have I made from it, and it's a government job, they say...
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The Internet cannot be trusted as reliable information. Too many yahoos can write about anything made up or real and it is almost impossible to tell truth from fiction. Use it as a tool to get information. Back up that information at your local library. Like politics, choose the one you think lies the least.
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Providing personal information online when shopping or banking can result in hackers   gaining access to private data that can be used to steal your funds and even your identity.
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Without meeting the people you never develop your business relation ship .
& on net you never brief you product quality's & advantages & also never convene to the other person.

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