What are wireless modulation schemes?


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Wireless Internet networks send out data via radio waves. The first wave, the standard carrier wave, is generated by a wireless transmitter. The term modulation refers to the wireless network adapter becoming merged with a data segment from the computer. This is signified by a square wave. When people speak about Wi-Fi networks and their frequency, they mean the carrier wave's frequency.

Because more and more electronic devices are becoming wireless, there are different kinds of wireless frequencies that need to be used depending on the device, and they all work in different ways.

  • The function of a wireless frequency.
All wireless routers have been programmed with a frequency that was predetermined to be within a certain range. This means that computers and other devices have wireless capabilities that can communicate with other devices such as printers or scanners. The definition of a frequency is that it is a wave vibration that is sent out and carries modulated information through the air.

  • The features of wireless frequency.
Every wireless router has been pre programmed with a set frequency. The most common types of wireless modulation techniques like 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g are designed to work with a 2.4 gigahertz range of frequencies. However, there are many devices like cordless landline phones and baby monitors that also use this frequency. This often results in the interference or crackly noises that can be heard on these devices.

  • Prevention of problems.
Because the interference mentioned above, new routers have been invented that use 802.11n technology. This new technology use both 2.4 and a new 5.0 gigahertz frequency instead of just one like previous modulation techniques. Working with both of these frequencies means that the devices that use them will have less signal interference along with much great signal strength, leading to an increase in the efficiency of the working device.

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