What Are The Different Ways Of Communication Through Internet?


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There are a number of ways in which people can communicate using the internet. The most popular and the oldest is email. Other ways to communicate on the internet are by entering internet chat rooms, through social networking sites like Facebook and Tagged, and by MSN Messenger, which enables instant communication between people. People can also talk to each other with the aid of webcams, enabling the users to not only hear each other, but also to see each other while they are talking. Email is the oldest form of internet communication, having been launched in the 1960s. Initially the electronic mails could only be sent between users who were connected to the same computer and these were in the form of text files that were delivered to a mailbox. In 1971, the first proper electronic mail message was sent to a different computer that was on the same network. Ray Tomlinson, an engineer who had been working on file transfer protocol and ARPANET, which was established prior to the internet, did this. Emails can now include text but can also incorporate video, images and sounds, and other files and documents can be attached to them. When mails are delivered they are encoded for privacy and upon reaching their destination are decoded so that the recipient can access and read them. Messages pass through a large mail server, which incorporates two different servers. One of these servers is known as the SMTP server and handles the mail that is being sent. The other server handles incoming messages and is known as the POP3 server. Wireless technology is another way of communicating over the internet. There are many hand-held devices available that can connect to the internet and these can be used to interact in the same way as when the internet is wired. Over 200 million people now use mobile internet access worldwide.
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The ways to communicate through the internet are chatting and video conference. Through chatting you can easily stay connected with family abroad or even get to know new people. Chat clients such as MIRC and YAHOO give you the opportunity to talk to new people and make new friends from all over the world. You can even watch and hear the people you know by using MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messengers and other instant messengers. You can call their computers and talk to them for free and save a lot that you would otherwise have to spend on an international call. You can also email people who may not be online while you are and get emails from them in turn, which you can read later. You can even send email and text messages to people on their cellphones by using certain websites. So, there are plenty of ways to communicate to people by using the internet.
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The Internet provides various ways of communication depending on the need and availability of hardware/software. These include e-mail, phone, instant messaging or I'm, short message service or SMS, video conferencing and Web conferencing. All these can be seamlessly integrated into one package if needed.

The two most popular ways at present are the e-mail and instant messaging (I'm) Interestingly, the e-mail predates the Internet. In the early days, the e-mail was an important tool in creating the Internet.

Instant messaging is different from e-mail. I'm can happen in real time and most I'm providers also add a few more services along with I'm. These can include file sharing and video and voice chat.
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instant messaging
conference call
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Msn,and e-mail
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Video conferencing is the good technology where one can communicate with  anyone from any location where we can connect through any device like laptop,tab,mobile,desktop. Video conferencing software is the best solution to communicate with anyone.

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Chatting and Videoconference are the main things most people do through internet. There are so many applications and ways present to do communication with others from chatting and video conference.

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Internet is actually a
communication medium which offers many other sub communication media like
telephone, messenger, social media and many more. New generation communication
like Whatapp, Snapchat, Facebook messenger and other things are solely dependent
on internet and the number is still increasing.

Internet providers make use of
different technologies like DSL, Fiber optic technology, satellite, cable and
so on to offer their services. I hope that the website can help you
understand more onDSL internet service and the other types of internet services available in
your area.

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