What Is A Website? What Are Its Merits And Demerits?


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Vikash Swaroop answered
The place where you have asked the question itself is a website so it is not difficult for you to understand what a website is; it is a kind of avenue where you can find almost all the information that exists in the world and certainly those that are coming in recent days. The information can be posted from any where in the world if somebody has internet connection.

If we talk of the merits and demerits that it has, take my word that it has more merits than demerits and what ever in existence in the world has its demerits and so is a website.

For merits I already have written about the avenue for getting and post information. But the demerits are minuscule in comparison to merits. The one demerit is that it may kill the traditional form of media but such thought is a bit speculation only. But yes when people start using abusive information on a website then certainly problem is there and we should make effort not to get swayed by such thoughts.

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