What Are The Merits Or Demerits Of Internet?


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The merits of internet are that you can communicate with anybody in the world at any time and have instant communications with them; and you can get information on any topic around the world by simply typing in the keywords in search engines. The demerits include the dirty material available on the internet that is accessible to children of very young age too; and the wasteful relationships people form by chatting over the internet for hours.
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A technology is blessing for all. You can use it for good or bad purpose.

Some merits of internet are:

Used for getting education
One can search on any topic and get information in seconds
Internet is used in business
Banks, schools, colleges, universities, research centers, offices, organizations, companies everywhere
Online purchasing of any item
It is kind of employment for many people working online sitting in their homes...

Some demerits are:

People are using it for evil purposes
Hacking: Steeling private and confidential information of companies and individuals
Nude pictures can be seen easily by anyone.
Children can easily open any unethical website and it ruins their morality
Many people are doing fraud on internet by posting fake information and scams websites...

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It is in very difficult words!
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Its easier to under stand. The wording is good and better 4 every ager.... I like it ...............................
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Every thing in the world have  some merit and demerits but it is depends on us how we use it either we use it in good manner or either we use it in bad manner  its all depend on our  thinking so we always use every thing to be positive mind
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Merits and demerits of internet
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I think internet is a wonderful gift given by our scientist. It help to visit the whle world in few mintues.It can help us to get the info, to get remain in touch with our freinds,and also in maing new friend.So,it's almost fantastic invention.
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Internet helps to save time because one does not need to spend time to look for the right book that contain relevant information.

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