What Are The Advantages Of Online Newspaper?


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More interactivity for the reader leading to reader having control of what they read leading to more definative information being conveyed in a short time  More coulourful graphics allow better attraction of the readers attention  Better content i.e. Video, pictures, graphics, links, search, forums, message boards  Better reader contubution abilty discussion  Better accessability more convienience being able to access it from own home without purchase from outlet  More up to date information due to instantanious news wires, tickers
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There is more news.
There is more activity.
Free access.
You can access it anywere.
More advanced than a normal news paper.
The offline version makes a lot more waist paper which is not helping to prevent global warming.
Saves a lot of trees.
Lower cost to publish.
Gets your attention quicker with all the colourful colours.
Lots more gadgets and other things than a normal offline news paper.
An  online vesion is for all ages.
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Online newspapers help reduce the usage of paper which is environmentally friendly. Also, most people have cell phones with internet capability these days. Online newspapers can be updated more frequently and people can learn about events anywhere in the world sooner. You can find the latest story with the click of a mouse instead of waiting for the local paper to report it the next day. Not to mention people can read the news online for free. People are looking to save any way they can these days.
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The publishing cost is lower so there can be more of them and they can afford to spend more time on the news. They can be updated more often than a printed newspaper.
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Online news has better quality in colour instead if dull boring colours that you will usally find in normal printed papers.
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Advantages for people
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I think the biggest advantage of online newspapers is that readers can leave comments, watch videos, view photo slideshows, and contribute their own opinions. In most cases, I read The Epoch Times. This is an international multi-language newspaper. I trust it, and according to the epoch times reviews, I'm not alone.

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You can read the newspaper where ever you are on your phone for laptop so you don't have to go to the shop and buy a newspaper and read a big page full of writing

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