How Do You Get A Phone Booth Number Traced?


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Stuti Ahuja answered
It is difficult to trace phone numbers if the call are being made from a local telephone booth of a particular area. However, as I say that it is difficult and not impossible, you can trace phone numbers if the calls are being made to from a local phone booth, with some help from either your local phone company or the police department, if the nature of the call is threatening or is becoming high disturbing.

You should fir havist call your phone company to ask them if they have a "trap" facility. Which is a facility through which the phone company can trap or trace your phone line to determine which number are you getting a call from. It is more like a caller ID but h a trap, you will also be able to determine the address and the name of the place you are receiving the callthrougs from. You local police will also do the same and use their local database to determine where the phone booth is located.

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