How do I spell a phone number?


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Aside from the obvious spelling out every number in your phone number, the alternative would be to look for word-number patterns based on things like the old telephone keypads.

There are various gimmick sites all over the internet offering fun "spelling translations of your phone number", but I personally would be very cautious.

You should be very careful regarding where you share personal info, online - and phone numbers can be included in that list!

Before you know it, you'll have someone from an insurance company or an accident claims lawyer harassing you with cold calls every other day.

Spelling your phone number

If none of that has dissuaded you, then you can have a look at sites like or for some easy-to-use programs that will generate words from your phone number.

That way, next time someone asks for your number, you can tell them something really cool like "tent-pitch" or "duck-sale" instead.

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