What Are Some Reasons For Texting?


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These probably aren't good enough reasons but I usually text when I am in school or at the library or somewhere else that needs quiet. I also text when I know the other person is somewhere where they can't receive phone calls. Usually when I need to reach my mother I use texting because she is in meetings a lot and can't get to a phone. Lastly, if I have something to say to someone but don't feel like getting drawn into a long phone conversation I will just text because it keeps things short. Good Luck.
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Well, I have some good reasons. First off, it gives you privacy.  Secondly, the peerson on the other line can't detect the tone of your voice, therefore, they can't think your mad or your crying

if you text, you don't have awkward pauses like you do when calling. Its also less rude because think how mad your parents might get if you just answered a phone call right in the mid. Of your convo. You can just txt while they're talking, but still respond to tell them your mature enuff to keep it.,

there were some total mind-makers with my 'rents wen I wanted txting.

Hope I helped!!! Bye!!!
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To be honest I don't have texting myself I really want it but my dad is considering it but I still don't know if it is certain. I think texting is a way to talk to your friends and family. If your in a public place you can text to not be rude. If you need to tell someone something but don't want people to over hear you can just send a quick text. Good luck!
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Texting saves "talking" minutes.  You only need to send "brief" answers and questions.

If you get unlimited texting it can actually be cheaper than talking, depending on your plan.  But if you don't have unlimited, be really careful or it can be expensive.

AND most importantly, it is really fun!  Hope your dad gets it for you. :-)
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Tell him that it is a good way to reach someone when they might not be able to take a phone call, or if you or they are in an area with a bad signal. Text messages can go where voice calls sometimes can't.

You can also offer to pay for texting yourself by getting a job or sacrificing allowance.
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Some people (like my friends) don't like to answer their phone or talk to people, so its easier to text. Also with text you can get 2 the point. Tell your dad that now he doesn't have 2 worry about you raising the phone bill at home!
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There's a lot of reason why you should get texting. For example: If your parents had texting and they were at work and couldn't answer the phone then you could text them and ask them questions or tell them where you are with out interfering with there work.  Also if  you were at school and he need to call you if he has texting then he could text you instead of call you, in case there was something wrong or what not.. And if you were in a place were it was rude to use a phone or if your at the doctors and didn't want someone to hear whats wrong then you could text it.  If you get texting you could get the unlimited and if you talk on the phone a lot it would probably lower the bill if you started to text a lot then talking on the phone.
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The guest that said you need to rwrite an eassay for texting I had to do that too! HAHA! I did a 4 page essay on texting new phone responsiblilty two weeks ago and I got a new phone a few days agoa s long as you show you r responsible:)! (VERIZONISBEST)
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If you're going away, like on a trip without your parents... Like on a trip at school on a bus. You can text, because talking on the phone is too loud with so many ppl talking.
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Well. Tricky.
For what I've seen, people abuse texting. They test while driving, which is more dangerous than talking. They text while in a classroom, which detracts from your learning, which your tax paying dad pays for.
plus the majority of what is texted is meaningless stuff that could have either waited until the next time you saw them, or not even been said at all. Kind of like email. So, I can understand a parents reluctance.

HOWEVER, I did not answer to give you no help, I just wanted you to see your parent's reasons against.
Texting can be useful if you are in a public place where talking on a phone would be rude. Or if you just need to say something quick, and don't want to have a long drawn out conversation.
If your cell signal is bad when someone calls, you can jot one off to tell them, so they don't think you hung up on them. Simple, direct stuff.

personally, even though I have a text plan, I prefer to talk to my friends. I have found that if your only contact with your friends is via text, and not voice, it tends to add crankyness. I can't tell you how many text junkies I know that are crabby people. Before they got a phone, you could talk to them for hours.
Good for a small number of things, but I think Text-message style communication is killing this alien concept called relationships.
SO, don't feel to bummed if your Dad doesn't get you the text plan. It will probably be better for your friendship this way if you actually talk to them.

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Samantha Duennerman
you're rite that DOESN'T HELP!
I have a really OLD cell phone that can text... But has bad reception that makes it HARD to talk to people! So... And I am not old enough to drive!
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Hey this is the girl who is begging for the facebook double peircings and unlimited texting
you know, the 11th comment down
the one with a bunch of HELP HELP HELP HELP'S
maybe i didnt ask the question correctly
i already have texting...........im just begging for unlimited
also, i need advice fro all of these problems, not just the texting one
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I know how you feel. I've been trying to get my parents to yet me texting but it's not working. They keep on saying blah blah blah blah and it's really getting annoying. I got my texting taken away because I was texting my friend Sarah and we were talking about boys and my dad came and he got like really furious. So now I can't wait until the end of the school year because my mom said she is gong to get it for me. I hope she doesn't break her promise.
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My dad tells me I need to write an essay to tell all the reasons I want texting and that it would be looked into 'seriously'. I had some reasons I thought of on my own but the answers here have helped me. I hope you will get texting as much as I hope I will.
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My parents will not let me either in in the same boat!! Lol but my mom said I might get it if I right this essay for her on y textin is good!! So yah!! Its dum but I need it bad!!

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