What Are Voice Output Devices?


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Voice output converts written text into spoken words.
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The answer of your question is very simple. Those devices which produce voice after input are called voice output devices. You can see many examples around you of voice output devices. For example television is the example of voice output device when you listen different kinds of sound from your television.

Similarly another example is radio which gives you output in the form of different voices so radio is also a good example of voice output device.

There are several other examples of voice output devices as well. In these examples the speakers of your tape or deck can not be neglected. Similarly if you've some multimedia gadget and it give you output in the form of voice it would be considered as voice output device.

Hence in simple words every that device which gives you voice after the input will be consider voice output device because of the functions that particular device is performing.
I've mentioned above the different type of voice output devices. And I hope you can understand about voice output devices now. But in a case you still have some other questions about voice output devices then you can ask them. Please feel free to ask them.

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