What Are Computer Devices?


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A computer system may consist of several devices. Every device has its own functionality. We need these devices to work properly with computer. We can divide these devices into following types.

Input devices: An input device is used to provide data to computer for processing or storing. There are different types of input devices. Keyboard, mouse, scanner, light pen and barcode reader and card reader are the examples. All input devices are connected with the CPU. Different signals are generated from these devices which are then sent to CPU.

Output devices: Output devices are used to show the output of data. The data may be in the form of printouts, audio, video or an action. E.g. Printer, Speaker, Monitor etc.

Storage devices: Storage devices are used to store the data. Hard Disk is the most popular storage devices. Data once stored can be retrieved quickly and easily from these devices. Floppy Disk, Tape Drives and Flash drives are the examples of such devices.

Communication Devices: These devices are used for communication between the computers and other devices. Modem is a popular communication device which is normally used for internet communication. Infra red, Bluetooth and LAN card are the examples of communication devices.
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Computer is an electronic device. Computer designed to accept input data process automatically to produce output results under given instructions. Computer devices are the parts of computer. Computer devices help the user to communicate with computer. Computer devices are divided into four categories; input devices, output devices, processing device and storage devices. For entering data into the computer, input devices are used. There are number of input devices use to enter data into computer, for example, keyboard, mouse, joystick, mike, light pen, scanner etc. Output devices are use to get information from the computer.

There are number of devices for getting data from computer, for example, monitor, printer, speakers etc. For converting input data into meaningful information and manages and control all internal functions, processing devices are used. Processing devices are microprocessor and main board. After processing and displaying data we need a device to store information, programs into the computer. The parts of computer used to store data into the computer called storage devices. Storage devices are measured by Bytes, Kilo Bytes, Mega Bytes, and Giga Bytes. The different storage devices for preserving data into computer are hard disk, floppy disk, Ram, Rom, CD Rom etc.

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