What Are Process Devices?


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  • What are process devices?
Process devices relate to computers and the processing device is the component that is responsible for retrieving and storing data and information on a computer. A computer contains a Central Processing Unit, known as a CPU. The CPU processes all of the data that travels through a computer and will then store it all on the computer's memory. The memory may be internal or could be external such as a memory card or disk.

  • CPUs
The central processing unit can also be thought of as the computer's brain. This is where all the instructions you give your computer are dealt with and it passes those instructions to other parts of the computer. CPUs are extremely complex but will carry out instructions in a precise and logical manner and everything will be done in a specific sequence.

On a personal computer, the CPU will be a single chip within the modem but on larger and more complex machines, the CPU could require a whole circuit board or maybe even more than one circuit board.

Electrical signals are sent from the CPU and directed around the computer to control everything it does. Without the CPU it could do nothing but it the CPU that directs orders rather than executing instructions. There are two parts to the CPU which it must communicate with and control. These two parts are the arithmetic logic unit, known as the ALU, and the control unit, known as the CPU.

The ALU performs all instructions that contain arithmetic and logical operations and the CPU decodes instructions from the computer memory and executes them.

The CPU looks like a small metallic square which has connectors on the bottom and it can be located on the motherboard. There is a special socket located on the motherboard for the CPU. Each computer manufacturer will support a specific type of CPU meaning you will often need to stick to a specific brand once you have purchased your hardware devices.

If you upgrade or replace your CPU, you should check that your motherboard is compatible.

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