List Of Input And Output Devices Of A Computer?


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Input and output devices on a computer allow users to interact with a computer in a meaningful way. While some devices are strictly for either input or output, others may be used for both. Others still may be used for input, output and storage.

  • Input Devices
Some of the most common input devices are pointing devices, such as the mouse, trackball or touch pad. Then of course there are the tablet and pen combinations, joysticks and game pads. Other input devices include keyboards, scanners, digital cameras, webcams, microphones, midi keyboards, electronic whiteboards and bar code readers.

  • Output Devices
The basic computer output devices consist of the monitor, speakers or headphones, printers, projectors and plotters; COM, or computer output microfilm and LCD projection panels. A TV screen may also be used as an output device.

  • Input and Output Devices
Some devices perform both input and output functions. These devices include modems, network cards and dongles; touch screens, headsets consisting of microphone and speakers; sound or audio cards, and fax machines, which will both send and receive. The CD or DVD drives of a computer can also be used for input from a CD or DVD, as well as receiving output to be placed onto either of them.

  • Input, Output and Storage Devices
USB flash drives and memory sticks, iPods, external hard drives and, to a certain extent, mobile phones can be regarded as both input and output, as well as storage devices. SD, Mini SD and Micro SD cards also come into this category. CDs and DVDs, in combination with the relevant drives, may also act as input, output or storage devices.

  • Endless Possibilities
Basically, anything that can be connected to a computer via USB, Bluetooth, wireless or any other connection can be regarded as an input, output or storage device.
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Monitor, scanner,floppy disk, keyboard, printer
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Input and output equipment allow people to communicate with computers. An input device converts data and programs that humans can understand into a form the computer can process. Such a device translate the letters, numbers, and other natural language symbols that humans conventionally use in reading and writing into the configuration of 0 and 1 bits that the computer process. Output devices on the other hand, convert strings of computer bits back into natural-language form to make them understandable to humans. These devices present output on screen displays, on paper or film, and in other forms. Much of a computer system's peripheral equipment performs input or output functions.

Keyboards pointing devices, and optical character recognition devices are designed primarily for input. Printers and monitors specialize in output. Output devices produce results in either hard-copy or soft-copy form. The term hard copy generally refers to output permanently recorded onto an easily portable medium such a paper or film. Printed reports and output put into slide or transparency form are common examples. The term soft copy generally refers to display output that appears temporarily in a form with limited portability, such as on a computer screen.
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Input  devices are those devices from which you can put data in and  output devices are those from which you can get data  from . example for input devices : key board , mouse  example for output devices : monitor ,  speaker do you know telephone is an input device and output device as well . The key pad & audio messenger is input device and  the audio reciever or speaker is output in cli the screen is also output .
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Output devices are things like monitors where the cpu sends information into it. Input are like CDs where information is sent into the cpu.
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Input devices help user to give instruction and information to the computer for a particular work. And, output devices help the user to take out the result of the instruction or information given with the help of input devices.
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Input devices are those devices which are used to feed the data into the computer for processing. Input devices convert data and programs in human language. On the other hand, output devices provide the sources through which the processed data is transmitted to the users. Example of input devices include keyboards, mike, and pointing devices like mouse. Some output devices include printers, speakers and monitor etc.

Input and output devices

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Computer system is the combination of the input and output devices, Input devices capture the data from the external environment and processor process the data and provide the information of the output devices. Many kinds of input and output devices are available. Input devices are keyboard, mouse, scanner, joystick etc.

The mouse was invented in 1964 by Douglas Engle Bart, who at the time was working at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), a think tank sponsored by Stanford University. The mouse was officially called an X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System.
As video standards improved, making games more realistic, input devices made especially for game play also became more and more popular. The first joysticks made for the IBM PC were similar to joysticks made for its early rival, the Apple II series.
One of the most basic system components is the keyboard, which is the primary input device. It is used for entering commands and data into the system.

Output devices are provides the information, after processing the data. Much kind of output devices are available such as Monitor, Speaker, printers. Along with the mouse and keyboard, the video display is a vital part of the user interface of any computer. Actually, it is a latecomer to computing; before CRT monitors came into general use, the teletypewriter was the standard computer interface—a large, loud device that printed the input and output characters on a roll of paper.
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Input device (such as optical tape machine, card machine, optical character readers, tape input and equipment, Chinese character input and equipment, mouse, etc.) data, procedures and control information into the computer.
Output devices (eg, line printer, card export machine, electrostatic printing, drawing machine, voice response unit, etc.) the computer's calculations or the output of intermediate results in various ways.
The console typewriter, keyboard, light pen, monitors, etc. Can be input devices, but also can be used for output device.
Input and output devices (I / O) play and computers, equipment and computers, the role of computers and computer links.
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