What Is Role And Function Of Input/output Device In The Communication With Computer?


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With output, you can send information out. So this can be connected with Scanner, Projector, Screen, Sound, etc. (They are information that will come OUT of the computer, so its called OUTPUT).

Input is information that goes into the computer. This can be USB device, Hard Drive, Microphone. (They are information that will go IN the computer, so its called INPUT).
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Input and Output devices permit the computer to communicate with the read world. With out them the computer would be pretty much useless.

The main Input devices are the keyboard and mouse and the main output devices are the printer and monitor. (Printers or consoles were around long before video monitors were used to view data.)

Some devices are considered I/O devices which handle both input and output, like a hard drive, a memory stick, a MIDI port or a sound card.

P.S. A scanner is an input device.

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