What Are The Functions Of Input Devices?


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The function of an input device is to control signals and to provide data to an IPS (information processing system) such as a computer.

• Classification of input devices
An input device can be classified in a variety of ways including its modality of input, which means whether it is audio, visual or has a mechanical motion. It is also dependent on whether the input is separate each time, such as when the keys are pressed, or whether it is continuous. Continuous input can include the mouse: Even though this is actually separate it happens so quickly, it can be included in this category.

• Further classifications
Input devices such as pointing devices can be classified even further depending on whether the input is indirect or direct.

When it is direct, the input is immediate, and visual feedback is given. This is achieved by input devices such as touch screens and light pens. Indirect input devices include things such as a trackball and the mouse.

• Other input devices
Some input devices are capable of inputting data in a number of different ways, and are thought of as composite devices because they are composed of more than one element. An example of a composite device is a gaming controller that has both buttons and a joystick to input data to the console or computer.

Technically, a mouse is a composite input device because it can track movement, but it also has buttons that can be clicked to input data.
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Input devices aid te transfer of data from storage device to a computer. Keyboard and disk drives are examples
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An input device is anything that allows the entry of data into any kind of machine. It is basically something like a computer. The two main input devices that are considered are Telegraph key, which is ~20 WPM Morse code and Vibroplex, which is 30–80 WPM Morse.

Some of the pointing devices are Computer mouse, Trackball (or rollerball), Joystick, Trackpoint (or Pointing stick), Light pen and Freespace controller. The keyboards and Touchpad devices are Keyboard and Touchpad. The gaming devices are Joystick, Gamepad (or joypad), Power Pad, Analog stick and Yoke (aircraft).

The main Image and video input devices are Image scanner, 3D scanner, Digital camera and Webcam. The high alternate input devices are Mice, trackballs, and light pens.

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