What Is A Light Pen And Joystick?


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Input devices are used to give command or data into the computers. Joy stick is input device use to enter data into the computer. Joystick is a hand held device. It is usually used to play games to give the quick response to the computer. Joy stick is like a vertical handle which is griped by hand. Movement of object is handled by the handler. On the top of the button there is push button and other buttons are placed on the base of handler. Push buttons are called triggers. These push buttons or triggers are used to hitting, firing. Handler is used to move objects up and down. T

These buttons and handle give commands to the computers. Light pen is input device. It is pointing device like mouse and track ball. Light pen is used to choose displayed menu option on screen for a particular program. It consists of small tube. This small tube has photo cells. It is 0.5 inches in width and 6.6 inches long. For connecting light pen to the computer it consist of switches and cards. Basic purpose of light pen is to facilitate engineers, graphic designers and also used to educated children.
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There are several input devices used to provide input to computers. Light pen and Joystick are among them.

A light pen is just like an ordinary pen. It has a cable at tail, which is connected to computer port. The top of the pen has a light source. Because of this light source it is called a light pen.

A light pen is used when we want to give input just like writing with an ordinary pen. The light source detected the movement of the hand and it provides signals to computer accordingly.

A joystick is used normally in games. A joystick has a lollypop type stick and several buttons for different purposes. The joystick is also connected to computer port. The movement of the joystick and the buttons available with send different signal codes to computer. The example of joystick can be easily seen on game consoles available in market. Some computer games required the joystick. Without joystick the games cannot be played.

Both devices are not commonly used. They are used in special circumstances. The PDAs also use pen base technology but this is totally different from light pen technology. We can understand the function of light pen by PDAs.
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A light pen is a pen shaped device. It is held in hand and can detect the presence or absence of light with the help of photo electric light with the help of photo electric cell mounted at its front end. Its other end is connected to a computer terminal by means of cable. It sends electrical signal along the cable which indicates whether or not light of sufficient intensity is being sensed. The light pen has an advantage that it eliminates the need to type the input. For example on moving the pen across a bar code, it can directly be fed the data into the computer. Also input by a light penis after than that given by using keyboard. Its disadvantage is that it can detect only the presence or absence of light and also works only with the software written for it.

A joystick is another input device. With the help of a Joystick, a user can control the movements of objects on the screen by maneuvering a small lever in any direction around its zero position. Usually the Joystick has buttons which can be used for carrying out actions. Joystick is very useful for controlling objects in computer games. In fact the function of a joystick and mouse is similar.

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