What Are Examples Of Output Devices?


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• Monitor
• Compact disk
• Printer
• Speaker
• Disk drive
• Floppy disk
• Head phones
• Plotters
• Fax machine
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Printer, speakers, and fax machine are all output devices.
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Output Device example are:
Visual display, unit,Speaker,Printer,Fax machine.
Graphical output devices as is :
Computer printer: Laser printer,Ink jet printer,electrostatic printer,thermal printer.
Computer display, display device:- Flat panel display,Vector display ,Storage tube,Liquid Crystal Display.
Projectors:- Video projector, LCD projector, Laser projector
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Output Device - anything that can display information.

monitor takes information and displays it on the screen for you to look at
printer takes information from a computer and prints it out so you can see it
speakers play sounds and music from information the computer has

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The three most common devices are computer monitor, printer, speakers

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