How Are Peripheral Devices Used For Input And Output?


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    Some devices will do nothing but input information to the computer. The keyboard is an input device. All keys on it are sent to the computer which then converts the analog strokes into binary code called ASCII These codes are acted upon either to make a character or do something like go to the next line. The mouse is an input device because it converts horizontal and vertical movement into code to move objects or signal where a cursor is located.
    Some devices will do nothing but receive information from the computer. They are output devices. The printer and monitor are output devices. The computer will send digital information to these devices. The printer hardware will convert the information to analog, and mechanically put the information on paper. The monitor is very similar; the major difference is that the conversion hardware is part of the motherboard, unless a video card is installed.
      Some devices are both input and output devices. The hard drive, CD RW/DVD ROM, and floppy drive are prime examples. You can input a CD from the CD RW that will install new software or play music. You can burn a CD to preserve (backup) your information or make a music CD. The hard drive is so prevalent that it is even hard to think of it as a peripheral device, but it is not directly wired into the computer; it can be changed for something bigger or faster. The hard drive is a storage device so information can either go in or come out of it. The same goes for floppies and flash drives.
      I hope this answers you question and gives you a better understanding of what peripheral devices are.
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Thanks for answering my question....(both input and output devices)...Godbless..^_^

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