Can You Give Five Examples Of Processing Devices?


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A processing device is a machine that stores, retrieves and processes data. Known today as the computer, there are many things that make a computer tick. Examples of a process device can be known as the workings of a computer, here you will find some example of this:
  • The Hard Drive
  • The Motherboard
  • Memory Card
  • RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • CPU (Central processing unit).
  • The Printer is also a kind of processing device; nothing can be printed without the printer.
  • Specialized Graphic processors are used on personal computers with dedicated memory to handle more complex graphics like 3D and games.
  • CD ROMs or DVD ROMs
  • BUS is a subsystem that transfers data from one computer to another or between components within a computer.
All the above are what help to make a computer work, other equipment such as the monitor is required to see what is going on, the keyboard to perform the tasks you want to do and the mouse to be able to move around on the screen.

Although you can get by without a mouse, you need to know all the controls on the keyboard and what they all do.

Computers were first considered in1837 by Charles Babbage who had an idea to build something like a computer which he 'The Analytical Engine' but due to lack of finances it was never actually built.

The first computer was manufactured in 1946 and was called The ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) which was designed by John Mauchly and J Presper Eckert.

In the 90s, the microcomputer, more commonly known as the Personal Computer (PC) was introduced which quickly became a very popular household item, especially since the arrival of the Internet.
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One example of Processing device is Memory
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Carry out the control,arithmetical and logical operations
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Examples of processing devices

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