What Are Local Area Network Connectivity Devices And Why These Are Needed?


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In a network, many devices are connected to one another through a communication media, which may be physical/wire-based or wireless.

Whatever the media is in use, it has a limit on distance that can be easily covered by it. It means that each media can carry the signal properly only to a limited distance and after that these signals start to become weak due to the different types of attenuations. This signal weakening affects the accurate information exchanged between different sites over a network. Thus, network may reach its maximum limit on distance or the number of nodes in a network segment. Crossing this limit causes the connection errors, network congestions and redundant collisions.

It gives rise to the need of such devices that can be used to extend the network. There are different types of the devices used for extension of local area network.
The most commonly known devices that can extend the local are network are as:
1. repeaters
2. bridges
3. hubs
Repeaters are simplest type of devices that allow you to add more clients to a network or expand it to a large distance.Bridges are more intelligent than repeaters and more costly as well.Hub is actually a multiport device that connects multiple devices together.
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Networking means connecting the two or more devices  each other for exchange the data or to communicating with each others. There are two  way to connect the our systems to network one is point to point connection and another one  is a point to multi point or clint server connection. In multi point connection two or more systems or host are connected to  each other by using the networking devices. The device used to  connect the two or more device each other in the network for communication or to accessing the resources from one systems to another  systems that device's is called internetworking devices. Many devices are used to in the networking,  for Ex..  Switch, hub, router, broughter,  Bridge, repeater's.
Without internetworking device's we can't connect the systems each other in network.

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