What Is Local Area Network?


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The local area network (LAN) is the most common type of network, which is used in a relatively small area. Most LAN's are used to connect computers in a single building or group of buildings. Hundreds or thousands of computers maybe connected through LAN. In general, a LAN is classified in relation to the length of the cabling which the network can support.
Typical LANs can be found in industrial plants, office buildings, and college or university campuses. Data transmission speeds of LAN are 1-100 mega bits per second. In LAN, each computer has its own CPU, but different users can share expensive devices, such as laser printers as well as data. Users can also communicate with each other, send email or chat with one another. There are many types of LAN's, but Ethernet is the most common for PC's.
LANs are capable or transmitting data at a fast rate and it is much faster than data transmission over a telephone line. LAN can transmit data in a limited distance. There is also a limit on the number of computers that can be attached to the network.

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