What Does Kmsl Mean When Texting?


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The phrase 'kmsl' is not well recognized as an abbreviation of a longer term in the world of text talk. You may be mistaking it for 'pmsl', which is a more widely-used abbreviation when texting that stands for 'pissing myself laughing'. The origins of this term are not exactly known, but it is often used alongside similar text talk such as 'LOL' for 'laugh out loud' and 'lmao' for 'laughing my ass off'.

Abbreviations of longer phrases such as those shown above are used to save time when sending text or instant messages. They are not seen as being grammatically correct and so are only used on an informal basis - normally when having relaxed chats with friends. The usage of terms such as 'pmsl' is rising as the generation of mobile phone and computer users continues to develop and expand.
To help you understand this type of language more, some other commonly abbreviated text-talk phrases and their real-life meanings have been listed below for your own personal reference.

BRB - Be right back
BMFE - Best mate for ever
BFFL - Best friend for life
CBB - Can't be bothered
CBA - Can't be assed
CUL8R - See you later
G2G - Got to go
IKR - I know right?
IRL - In real life
LY - Love you
LY2 - Love you too
LYL - Love you lots/loads
NM - Nothing much
OMG - Oh my God
OML - Oh my Lord
ROFL - Rolling on the floor laughing
SU - Shut up
TBA - To be announced
TBC - To be clarified
TBH - To be honest
TBQH - To be quite honest
TBF - To be fair
TTFN - Ta-ta for now
WUU2 - What you up to?
WUBU2 - What you been up to?
WBU - What about you?
WE - Whatever
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KMSL = killing myself laughing

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