How Can I Check To Whom A Mobile Phone Is Registered To?


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Being your very own detective can actually be easier than Hollywood movies would like you to think it is.  All you’ll need is the phone number and an internet connection.

Finding out who a mobile phone number belongs to can be very advantageous.  You’ll be able to find out a lot about a person (and if they are telling you the truth) by learning who actually owns the phone.  If you don’t have caller ID, it can also help you to explain any calls you’ve been getting that never seem to be there when you pick up.

One of the easiest ways to check to see who a mobile phone is registered to is by doing a quick internet search in any major search engine.  You’ll enter the phone number within quotation marks, for example "(555) 555-5555”.  If there is an exact match either on a person’s home page or a business website, this method will identify it.

There are paid websites available, including  These will give you information including what state the phone is registered to, name and personal contact information.  Depending upon how important it is to get the information, you may even choose to invest in the unlimited number lookup for a set rate.

You should always try a free method first.  Personal details will usually cost you a few dollars, but it will give you the information you need.  Determining who a mobile phone is registered to can determine if the person you are dealing with is honest, or to find out who the person is at all.
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I have a missed call from this number 9930519502 and I don't no who it is can you tell me who's registered with this number????
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Try ask your cellphone operator first, or do reverse phone check.. It can be done on various webpage providers, like this one: IntelCheck. Wish you best of luck

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I missed a call and mobil indicated received msg. No msg left I need to find out who call belonged to.
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I have found a mobile phone and wish to return it to its owner, can I get the address from the phone number.
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I need to know who a mobile number belongs to as they have said to a close friend of mine she can pay a payment of by sending a picture of her debit card though mms
it doesnt seem right and I'm afraid she could become a victim of fraud
please help!!
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There is a mobile directory but it is quite costly to call. But it's the only way to ind out the caller, if they are not ex-directory
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The easiest method is to check up in a directory of telephone numbers. If the number that you are checking is listed then you would surely find this number in this directory. But supposing that this number in unlisted then you would have more trouble in finding it. But there are several ways of finding out an unregistered mobile number as well. One of them is to use the services of agencies or organizations that specialize in finding out the addresses, telephone numbers and mobile numbers of people with the help of their sleuthing abilities.

There is also a site known as where you just have to put in the number that you want traced and click on the button which would help you to get the name of the person who owns the number that you looked up on this site. But I believe that you have to pay for the services of this site.
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You can check this easily with the reverse phone lookup. This is a simple feature by which you can know the details of any person just by his contact number.

You can also use it to track the details of the unknown callers.

Several other advantages of using this feature are as follows:

1.  Easy to track details

2. Almost inexpensive

3. Saves time

4. Easily available

There are various tools that come with this feature. Reverse united kingdom is one such tool which you can use if you are a resident of UK.

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