How to format nokia 2690?


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To format a Nokia 2690 you must use the software that was included when you bought the phone. If you bought it from new it will have come with a cable to plug the phone into your computer. It will also have come with a disk that is the software made specifically for that phone. Once you have that set up and the software running, which is usually called Nokia PC Tools, there will be a formatting option whereby you can click ‘format’ and it will restore it to the factory settings. This may take a while, particularly if you have a lot stored on the phone such as music, videos, ringtones and contacts.
If you do not have a computer available or do not have the software or cables which came with the phone, it may be possible to format the phone by typing in a code. Dial *#7780# or *#7370#. It has been suggested across the Internet that these codes will restore a Nokia 2690 to the factory settings. If you want to format the whole phone memory then follow the procedure below but remember that this will delete all your messages, all contacts, photos, notes etc in the phone memory so your phone will be like a new one.
Switch-off your phone. 1. Press and hold three keys; the green dial key, the * star key and the number three key on the keypad. Then press the power on/off to switch on the phone. Remember, do not let go of the number three button. Press and hold all the keys until you see a formatting word screen show two. After a few minutes the ‘Full Phone Formatting’ will be completed and your phone will be back to the original system and factory setting.
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You use your memory stick (USB) cable to connect your  phone to a PC. Then you use software like Nokia PC tools to format it - this link may help.

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