What Is Your Cell Phone Number?


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Forgetting your own cell phone number is one of life's little annoyances that happens to everyone. If you have recently bought a new phone with a new SIM card or you have changed service providers or have moved to a different country, you will have a new cell phone number.

It can take some people longer than others to remember a cell phone number and due to the vast amount of technology we all use every day, it is becoming less and less necessary for us to remember things because we have it stored on technological devices. However, if you have not written you cell phone number down but you need to remember it then there are some ways that you can retrieve it.

Firstly, make sure that you have another cell phone or you are with a friend or family member whose cell phone number you know. Also, ensure that you have enough battery life in order to complete this process. Make sure that you have the other cell phone with you and their number. Use your cell phone to call the other device and your number should appear on their phone. If they already have you in their contacts list then scroll through their phonebook to find your number and then note it down.

Another option you could do is to call a land line from your cell phone that carries the caller ID service. Your number will appear on the screen of the land line phone and then you can record the number. Once you have it you should try and memorize it, but make sure you put it in your contacts list as well just in case you forget it again.
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My name is Ben my number is 234 521 1163 text me anytime
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I don't think it's right to give a person's phone number on the internet.Especially famous people.Justin has already said,"My phone number has leaked but I don't know how".I'm a big fan,too.But whenever I see a number on the internet,I don't call it.You never know who could pick up.
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Asking or giving  a person's cell phone number on the internet is not a good idea. You don't know the people that respond and they don't know you. In today's world you must be cautious of giving out such personal info over the net. You do not state why you want strangers cell phone numbers. Please be careful.

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