What Is Plies Cell Phone Number?


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You will not be able to directly contact Plies the rapper unless he personally gives you his phone number. If his phone number were to be leaked onto the internet, it is more than likely that he would immediately get a new phone number due to the amount of phone calls he would be receiving. You can contact his record label, ‘Big Gates Records’, regarding booking information on:  (866) 963-8111. You can also email them at: [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]
You can also visit the Plies website at ‘’ where you can catch up on all the latest news, gossip and music from Plies. There are videos from all the latest parties and gigs that he has attended (beware that some videos contain adult content), a store when you can buy Plies merchandise such as T-shirts and also the latest Plies music can be downloaded. Find out the latest news about up-coming tours and when they are scheduled. His bio on the website gives a brief explanation how he became so successful, "Maybe it’s because this honey-complexioned heartthrob makes the young ladies swoon with bedroom ballads .... Or it could be the way the streets respect this hard-edged hustler for crude but honest depictions of life in the belly of the beast on cuts like "Bid Long” and "100 Years.”
If you were wishing to directly contact Plies, the Community section of the website may be of interest to you. This is where you can leave comments either for Plies himself or for other fans of Plies. You can talk about his latest music, aspects of the website and other interests that you may share with Plies fans. Some people have left requests to meet Plies in person, other people have simply expressed their loyalty and appreciation to the rapper and said how much they enjoy his music.
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I need plies number so I kan kall him.

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