What Is The Boost Mobile Voicemail Number?


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• Accessing voicemail from your Boost Mobile cell phone

In order to access your Boost Mobile voicemail, dial your own cell phone number on your Boost Mobile cell phone and press the "call" button. You will then hear a list of options relating to your voicemail services. On some Boost Mobile cell phones, including the CDMA series cell phones, you can press and hold the number one (1) key on your cell phone, which will automatically take you to your voicemail account.

• Accessing Boost Mobile voicemail from another phone

You can access your Boost Mobile voicemail account from another cell phone or landline. Do this by dialing your Boost Mobile cell phone number and then pressing the star key (*) when the Boost Mobile greeting or the personalized greeting begins to play. You will then be asked for your voicemail password, which you should enter using the keypad on the phone you are using, followed by the hash button (#). This will then take you to your unique Boost Mobile voicemail account.

• What is voicemail?

Voicemail is a communication system which allows users to send and receive recorded voice messages via a landline telephone or cell phone. It is very handy in cases where you wish to talk to another person over the phone but they are unavailable - voicemail allows you to leave a voice recording on the other person's phone, which they will receive the next time they switch on or look at their phone. Many voicemail systems allow senders of voicemail to listen to the voicemail message they have just sent, and to delete it and try again if they are unhappy. Those who receive voicemail can usually access services such as deleting voicemail messages, saving voicemail messages and automatically calling the person who left the voicemail.

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