How to hack a boost mobile sanyo incognito?


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There are many available software that can be used to hack all mobile phones, not just the Sanyo Incognito specifically. Many of the available software involves installing applications onto the mobile phone and accessing them via a linked account on the internet. This allows the user to view information stored on the mobile phone as well as taking control of its preferences, settings, opening up applications and general use. This generally applies to smartphones that allow the installation of third-party applications, however.

The mobile phone in question doesn't use Android, OS X, Windows or Blackberry operating systems therefore the installation of such applications is most probably not applicable to this device, however there are still tools that can be used to access the phones available data.

The Sanyo Incognito has Bluetooth capability, so a Bluetooth based hack may be the most appropriate way. Such software titles include:
-super Bluetooth hack
-blue scanner

These programs generally come as Java applications, which means they can be installed on a variety of different handsets and aren't limited to just smartphones. The handset to be used with the application would need to have Java capabilities, however. The majority of these applications are also freeware, meaning software that is freely downloadable and usable.

The software titles are able to discover Bluetooth devices, some even discover devices that are "hidden", and use the wireless Bluetooth connection in order to access the handsets stored data via the stored html files. These programs also work without notifying the user of the mobile handset, so the stored files can be opened and viewed freely without the user being aware.

There are some fall backs to using such software, however:
-It is in breach of the persons privacy
-It can only be used to hack Bluetooth enabled devices
-The mobile phone in which the software is to be installed must have Java capability
-Bluetooth is a small range wireless system, so the hacked phone must be nearby
the software titles can only be used to view materials, not take control of the device

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