Can I Enter My Code So I Can Get A Backstage Pass?


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If you've won a contest online and you were given a code, you can enter this in the site and get a backstage pass.

Many online sites offer free backstage pass to concerts of popular performers like rock bands and singers. They often give away backstage passes to fans who want to watch the performances free of charge.

It's no joke paying for tickets just to watch a concert. Some fans aren't fortunate enough to save extra cash for tickets that they don't have much choice but to watch their favourite performers perform on screen rather than live. With this in mind, many online sites offer backstage passes in the form of the following:

• Contests

If you're someone who's a die hard fan of a particular group or artist, you can join contests conducted by their sponsors. For instance, if a particular singer is going to have a concert in your city, there are many companies that will sponsor the event. As a sponsor, they give away free tickets as well as backstage passes to avid fans. They give these away in the form of contests.

Examples of such competitions include writing an essay why you should win the ticket or pass and answering questions asked in the sponsor's website. There are also radio stations that pop questions regarding the artists who'll perform. You can call up the station and if you answer correctly you get a prize.

• Raffles

Aside from contests, you can also win a backstage pass by entering raffles. You can avail of raffle tickets from sponsors either free or for a minimal charge, and drop them in official drop boxes. If your ticket is picked by authorized representatives, you can claim your free ticket or pass.

You can use your code for the backstage pass you've won by entering it in the site. You can also bring your pass with you during the day of the concert in case the latter failed to work.

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