How Do I Enter My Backstage Code For Crazy Candy Fun?


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You can add your backstage code for the Baby Bottle Crazy Candy game by visiting the following website and logging into the system (you will need to register first):

Only registered members of the Baby Bottle Pop website are permitted to access the extra features found at this Internet address. Once you've registered, adding a code will be as easy as punching in the alpha-numerical code and hitting the return (or Enter) key; then, you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of this exciting game feature instantly.

About Baby Bottle Pop

• This Crazy Candy Company produces some fun candy, including ring pops that look like pretty jewels and taste sweet and sour. Fruity flavors and sugary fun come together in Crazy Candy's exciting product line. The fun candy produced by this firm is available at almost every candy store, and it can also be found at department stores, grocery stores, and corner stores. Since the candy this company makes isn't very expensive, it can be an affordable treat for kids over the age of three. Children under that age should avoid these candy toys, as they may be possible choke hazards. Since this candy is loaded with sugar, children should make a point of eating it only on an occasional basis, and they should brush and floss their teeth after eating. If a child follows a nutritious diet, having candy once in a while will be harmless.
• Some candies will come will a backstage code on the wrapper - children can then visit the Baby Bottle Pop website and register and enter their codes to access games and other fun features related to the candy they enjoy so much.

If you love Baby Bottle Pop and Crazy Candy, be sure to sign up at the website and enter your special backstage code. The website has fun graphics and plenty of information about all sorts of crazy candy!
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I need a back stage pass code

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