Is There A Samsung C3050 Phone Lock Default Password? On Security Settings The Top Option Says Phone Lock, Apparently I've Got A Password But I Know I Haven't, Only Found Out About It Today. If There's No Default Password Can Anyone Help Me Reset It?


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Most Samsung phones have a default as the last four digits of your phone number.

On the Samsung Convoy, if you go to security and select phone lock for the first time it will tell you it is the last four digits of your phone number.

Though the Samsung Convoy is a different model than the C3050, the model SCH u410 that is another Samsung also has the default as the last four digits of the phone number. Based on the information from both these models it is most likely the code default would also be the same for your model phone.

Though we cannot conclusively say it is the last four digits as the default code, you may try it.

Some individuals have said they had luck with a 0000 code to unlock the phone. It is unclear if this actually works given the fact that anyone could hit 0000 and unlock the phone. It seems more likely that the default is in some way linked to only information you would know such as your telephone number.

If either option does not work consider calling your service provider or the phone number that comes with your Samsung owner's manual. You may be able to find the answer by asking a professional what the default is. They will be unable to tell you what security code you may have used, but you might be able to get it unlocked with a reset. Most phones do have a way to unlock them, but sometimes you have to call to find out the true method.
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c3050 lock code

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Most phones are set to either 6 zero's or 4 zero's for the phone unlock code , but if the phone was purchased from another individual they may have changed it ,,,,,try it and see

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