What Is The Default Password Of Samsung C3010s?


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The default code has been suggested online to be '0906'.

• Unlocking your device

To unlock a phone that's locked by your service provider, you will need to get in touch with your previous provider. They will probably sell you the code that you need for a pretty small fee, so this isn't too much of an issue for most people.

You can also search online for programs that are able to provide you with the same service. You will probably find that these will charge a fee, too, but it will be considerably different to what your service provider will charge you. In order to go about this then you will need to connect your phone to your computer. Some phones do not need to be connected to the pc, but a pass code will be used instead.

Then buy yourself a SIM card. These are available at most cell phone stores and sometimes you can get them for free. Put the SIM in your phone and you should be up and running.

Unlocking a phone that's been locked by the user is different. Sometimes carrying your phone in your pocket can mean that your phone can become accidentally locked. You will need to enter your pin code in order to unlock the phone. If this doesn't work then you can try pressing the numbers '1 2 3'. This is the default code that is used by many manufacturers out there.

You need to enter the default password in order to be able to unlock your phone. Some providers use other codes like '1 1 1 1' or '1 2 3 4' as their default codes so you can use other similar combinations of numbers. You could also try taking the phone to a service provider's store. They will be able to go about unlocking the cell phone for you.

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