Can You Track GPS On Someone Else Phone?


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You should never track the GPS on someone else's phone as it is a massive breach of privacy and not only could they sue you for it, they will also lose any trust they once had in your for attempting to track their actions.

There are many websites across the internet that promise to provide the services to enable you to track a person's mobile phone. Many of them promise to track and record phone calls, text messages and internet activities. Some say they can record voicemails and even tell you exactly where a person is at all times of the day. These services tend to be very expensive and have many complaints across the internet. Many people claim that these services are 'scams'. Many people have paid hundreds of pounds for the software to be able to track in onto another person's phone and they later find out that the software does not work. Sometimes it is not possible to download the software and some people struggle to apply it to their phone. It is then impossible to contact the company and find any help. Complicated instructions may then be sent in an attempt to distract the customer and imply that it is their fault for being unable to cope with complicated computer software.

It is not a good idea to try to hack or track another person's phone. If you feel that you cannot trust a person and wish to know who they are speaking to and where they are going then you should sit down and talk to them about the issue. You are more likely to find out the truth by talking to them then hacking their phone.

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