How to reset phone lock password on samsung b3410?


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Doing a "hard reset" is probably the best way to reset your Samsung B3410 cell phone. However, this type of function will definitely wipe out all the stored messages and information (names, telephone numbers) you saved on your mobile phone. If you still want to proceed, you'll need to enter the code *2767/3855#. 

If you want to salvage all of your important data before you do a drastic "hard reset", you should consider backing up your phone information into your PC, or saving all the stuff you need on a separate SIM card. This sort of backup procedure will allow you to reload the data you want to keep after your phone is functioning normally again...

Getting New Passwords May Require A Proof Of Purchase

 If you're looking for ways to add any passwords you've lost or forgotten, you may need to contact Samsung technical and customer support. Since many people steal cell phones and try to set them up, or "unlock" them, without the proper paperwork and passwords, it can be hard to get new passwords assigned to you without a definitive proof of purchase.
 Speaking to a trained representative of the Samsung Company can be a great way to find out exactly what you rights are, and how you need to go about getting the information you really want. Samsung has a huge, fast-loading website, as well as call centers and online help; it's easy to ask questions and get a quick reply, although it may take a day or two to sort things out...

If you're considering paying a technical expert to hack or "unlock" a Samsung B3410, be wary; plenty of Internet con artists pretend to know the secrets of unlocking. Sometimes, these scammers will take your money and disappear, without doing what they've promised. In order to protect yourself from hassles and rip-offs, you should be extremely careful whom you hire to unlock your phone.
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I forgot my privacy password for samsung E250

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