How to reset or bypass password on a Samsung sph-m830?


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If you're trying to bypass the lockscreen on your Samsung sph m830, then there are little "security hacks" you can use.

However, every time a new hack is discovered, Samsung's security team work hard to close it shut - so you really have to look for the most current and up to date information about bypassing the password on your Samsung.

For example, seem to have a rather impressive list of hacks that currently work to bypass the password request for Samsung m830.

Here's an excerpt (the full article can be found here)

The method, demonstrated on a Galaxy Note 2 running Android 4.1.2, relies on the fact that returning from certain screens in the emergency dialer causes the previous app to be visible -- and fully usable -- for a split second. With precise timing and a bit of patience, it's possible to use these windows of usability to load Google Play, use voice search to find a screen unlocker app (yep, those exist), and run it, thus removing the lock screen security.

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