I forgot my phone password for samsung gt b3410?


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The Samsung GT-B3410 is a quad-band phone. It features a slider that exposes a QWERTY keyboard and such included software as a music player, FM radio and stereo Bluetooth capabilities.

There are multiple ways in which the phone may be blocked and require a password. If the device displays one of the following messages:
-SIM blocked
-Network Lock
-SP Lock
-PUK code

Then the matter should be taken up with the service provider rather than the manufacturer of the device. If the message "Sim Lock Password" is displayed then it is the security measure employed by the device itself. The default password is either 0000 or 00000000. It is recommended to attempt both of these in order to unlock the phone. If this attempt fails then it means the password was changed before it was forgotten. The Samsung website states that there is no way of recovering any forgotten passwords. In order to resolve the issue the device should be taken to be unlocked at an authorized service center. The problem is not covered under the manufacturers warranty and so a fee will be charged for the service. This can be arranged by contacting the Samsung customer care team on 0845 SAMSUNG (726 7864).

There are many phone shops and other hardware shops that provide phone unlocking services at a price. This may be a faster way of having the phone unlocked rather than sending it to the Samsung service center. Another option is to use one of the services provided online, however there is no guarantee that the services provided are legitimate and/or trustworthy. They also include an attached price. The following URL is an example of such a website: samsungunlockcode.info/

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