What's The Restriction Code For Nokia Bl-4B?


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The Nokia BL-4B is a slim and lightweight battery used in Nokia mobile phones. The battery is made with lithium ion and is typically 3.7 volts in power. The Nokia BL-4B battery is compatible with the:
  • Nokia 6111
  • Nokia 2630
  • Nokia 2760
  • Nokia 7370
  • Nokia 7373
  • Nokia N76
The battery is specifically made for these phones but may also be able to be used with other Nokia phone products. It is worth checking this with a specialized phone store or Nokia themselves before using this battery in your phone as incorrect use could cause damage to both the battery and your phone. The battery can be bought from as little as one dollar on websites such as and

Restriction codes are used by phone providers and networks to 'lock' a particular phone to a network so that the phone will only work under that one particular network. A pin code is required for the removal of this code so that it can be used by multiple networks. With regards to a restriction or pin code for your Nokia BL-4B battery, there is not one, as it is just a battery.

The battery will be able to work no matter what network the phone is on as it is not wired into the technology allowing the phone to make calls and receive text messages. The battery is simply used to power the phone. Perhaps you need the code for your particular mobile phone in order to unlock it for use with multiple networks. In this case you will need to provide the model number of the phone itself, not the battery. This is usually found somewhere on the phone but if it has not been added, or has worn off, the Nokia website should help you in identifying your specific phone.

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